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Inside Miami’s Sound Chamber

November 19th, 2018

Inside Miami's sound chamber, sound artist, designer and composer Gustavo Matamoros introduces to his latest creation: four audible experiences of sound moving through space. Legendary artists inspired Small Sounds Up the Wall (for Alison Knowles), Everglades (for Charles Recher), String Solo (for Vito Acconci) and Eighty-Five Audible Moments (for Pauline Oliveros). Venezuela born Matamoros made this sonic dive possible when he transformed Studio 201 at ArtCenter/South Florida into a 30-channel sound environment.

Sound Editor: Anamnesis Audio | Special Audio: John Cage interview; Alison Knowles, Paper Weather; Vito Acconci, American Gift, via UbuWeb; Pauline Oliveros, via UbuWeb; Russell Frehling, Mapping; Gustavo Matamoros, Small Sounds Up a Wall, Everglades, String Solo, Eighty-Five Audible Moments; Julio Roloff, Naturaleza Viva; Wolfgang Gil, Aural Fields Test; Rene Barge, Prism Break | Photographs courtesy Gustavo Matamoros, Subtropics

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