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Fresh Talk: Carolina Grau

August 5th, 2012

In Barcelona, Cathy Byrd speaks with Carolina Grau, an independent curator from Spain, who has created projects in London, Madrid, Lisbon, Sao Paulo and Paris. Carolina describes what she learned as a facilitator for artists Rachel Whiteread and Juan Muñoz; her curatorial residency at the Center for Contemporary Art, Noisy-le-Sec; the evolution of her work with Martin Creed (Cubitt Gallery and Tate Modern, London; Sala Alcalá, Madrid); and how locals get involved with the D.I.Y. biennial she co-organizes with Mario Flecha in the village of Jafre, Spain.

Sound Editor: Leo Madriz

Photos: Courtesy the artists and Carolina Grau, except where noted

Episode End Sound: Martin Creed, Thinking, Not Thinking

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