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Black in Miami—Then and Now

August 24th, 2020 · Comments

In this episode of Fresh Art’s Fall 2020 Student Edition, University of Miami students Ben Vinarski and Reese McMichael venture to an abandoned hotel in Miami Beach to go behind the scenes of an immersive theater production. Inside a room designed as the well-equipped kitchen of an upper-class home, actress Maggie B. Maxwell has just rolled out a pie crust while introducing her visitors to the city’s Black history. 

Producers: Reese McMichael and Ben Vinarski/Miami Moves Me, Jahné King/FreshArtINTL

Sound Editor: Anamnesis Audio

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Women Writers on Cuba in Film

March 19th, 2018 · Comments

Today, we invite three women writers to talk about Cuba as a character in newly released films. Our portal to the Cuban psyche is the 35th Miami Film Festival that brings diverse cultural perspectives to the big screen in theaters across Miami, Florida. Sharing their expertise and personal knowledge of Cuba's socio-political landscape are two sisters born in Miami, to Cuban parents: writer and filmmaker Carmen Peláez and food writer Ana Sofia Peláez. New York based journalist and filmmaker Michelle Memran joins us to remember her own encounters with the culture while making a documentary film with Cuban American playwright María Irene Fornés.

In this conversation, we consider the value of creativity, resilience, family and friendship in Cuba. The country’s historic relationship and chaotic rupture with the Soviet Union is the backdrop for the three stories we introduce. (The 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall and collapse of the Soviet Union catapulted Cuba into a life-changing economic crisis from which Cubans around the world are still recovering.) The films: Cuban Food Stories, director Asori SotoThe Rest I Make Up, director Michelle Memran; and Sergio and Sergai, director Ernesto Daranas.


Sound Editor: Anamnesis Audio | Featured Sound Tracks courtesy of Miami Film Festival:  Cuban Food StoriesThe Rest I Make UpSergio and Sergai

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Fresh Talk: Ira Kip

January 16th, 2012 · Comments

In this episode, theater director Ira Kip talks about the raw space between medical politics and domestic violence in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual community. The celebration of her new play She'Baltimore begins with a February 14, 2012 benefit at the LOFTheatre in Baltimore to raise funds for a local charity assisting young women who are victims of domestic violence. The play  premieres on February 17, at the LOFT.

Sound Editor: Ira Kip
Photos Courtesy Ira Kip

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