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Entries from February 2017

Sharon Louden on The Artist as Culture Producer

February 28th, 2017 · Comments

Sharon Louden artist and educator and Hrag Vartanian, co-founder and editor-in-chief of the online art publication Hyperallergic, talk about Louden's newest book project: The Artist as Culture Producer. Forty visual artists contributed essays to the four hundred page publication. These individuals model some of the ways that culture makers of the 21st century are enriching creative economies around the world. Their first-hand stories may inspire more of us to take on new roles in the public realm, to engage more deeply in our communities.

Sound Editor: Guney Ozsan

Tags: Fresh Talk

Contemporary Black Portraiture

February 22nd, 2017 · Comments

Our radio show on contemporary black portraiture explores The Dandy Lion Project, a traveling exhibition project featuring the images of emerging photographers and filmmakers from various regions around the African Diaspora. You’ll hear from Amy Sherald on Black Art and New Racial Narratives before a live audience at moniquemeloche gallery in Chicago. In studio, The Dandy Lion Project Founder and CuratorShantrelle Patrice Lewis and visual artist Kia Dyson talk about the Dandy Lion exhibition now on view at the Lowe Museum, Miami. Calling in from Atlanta, artist and scholar Fahamu Pecou joins our conversation about black portraiture.

Sound Editor: Guney Ozsan

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Jorge Menna Barreto on Environmental Sculpture

February 16th, 2017 · Comments

Brazilian artist Jorge Menna Barreto created Restauro, or Restoration, an eco-sensitive café within the pavilion that houses the 32nd São Paulo Biennial in Brazil. In partnership with local chefs and farmers, he encourages awareness about the way we use our land and the global consequences of how we eat. The entire project is an environmental sculpture.

Sound editor: Guney Ozsan

Tags: Fresh Talk

Artist Residency in the Everglades

February 8th, 2017 · Comments

Join us as we explore South Florida residency programs. We begin with conversations recorded during our 2015 visit to the Studios of Key West. Learn about the Knight Arts Challenge grants for residency programs and more, from Director of Arts Bahia Ramos. Executive Director Deborah Mitchell introduces Artists in Residence in Everglades (AIRIE). Meet past fellow and musician Jose Elias and hear our field recording with photographer Adam Nadel, co-creator of the exhibition Getting the Water Right.

Sound Editor: Guney Ozsan

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Bahar Behbahani on Politics and Persian Gardens

February 2nd, 2017 · Comments

Iranian born, New York based artist Bahar Behbahani talks about the layers of poetry and politics she discovered while researching the legendary Persian garden. Her solo exhibition at the Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College reveals how the idyllic refuge became entangled with American espionage and a 1953 political coup in Iran. Highly relevant considering the mounting intensity of today's global tensions, the hidden agendas and coded behaviors exposed in Bahar Behbahani's work might well be the blueprint for a new political barrier erected this week: the executive order of a restrictive, anti-Muslim United States immigration policy.


Sound Editor: Guney Ozsan | Sound Effects: Bahar Behbahani, Visiting you in summer, 2015

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