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Entries from September 2016

Live from the São Paulo Biennial 8 Sep 2016

September 8th, 2016 · Comments

Today, we share our final live broadcast on Jolt Radio, Miami, from inside the exhibition pavilion of the 32nd São Paulo Biennial! We have quite the line-up! Brazilian artist Vivian Caccuri talks about her Afro-Brazilian sound project to kick off the show. Yvette Mutumba and Julia Grosse, Germany-based editors of Contemporary And (C&), follow, with their impressions of the exhibition and an introduction to their latest print publication. Our last guest, Brazilian artist scholar Jorge Menna Barreto, tells the story behind Restauro, a biennial dining experience inspired by local agro-forestry efforts.

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Donna Kukama on Unfinished Stories

September 8th, 2016 · Comments

South African artist Donna Kukama is creating an unusual book project for the 32nd Sao Paulo Biennial. During opening days of the international exhibition, she presents three chapters of the book in performances at three local cultural sites: the Consolação Cemetery, the Afro-Brazil Museum, and the Ciccillo Matarazzo pavilion where the biennial is held. Local history and current events inspire stories that unfold in video projections, storytelling, and public announcements. None of her layered narratives has an ending. All are unfinished, calling to mind the countless unresolved issues that cling to most of our personal and shared histories.

Sound Editor: Guney Ozsan

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Live from the São Paulo Biennial 7 Sep 2016

September 7th, 2016 · Comments

Today, we’re sharing one of the three shows we broadcast this month on Jolt Radio, Miami, from inside the exhibition pavilion of the 32ndSão Paulo Biennial! Our special guest is Pia Lindman, an artist from Finland whose project Nose Ears Eyes centers on the hut made of mud and bamboo that you see in the photo gallery below. Later in the show, Eduardo Navarro, an artist from Argentina, drops in to our ad hoc studio, to talk about his Sound Mirror. Pia and Eduardo are two of the biennial artists whose projects connect conceptually and physically with Ibirapuera Park, a gorgeous urban green space that surrounds the exhibition pavilion designed by the legendary architect Oscar Niemeyer.

Sound Editor: Guney Ozsan

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Live from the São Paulo Biennial 6 Sep 2016

September 6th, 2016 · Comments

Today, we share our first-ever Fresh Art International radio broadcast, recorded live in Brazil! For three days only, we were livestreaming from inside the São Paulo Biennial pavilion on Jolt Radio. Our new hour-long show expands on conversations about creativity that we’ve been recording with contemporary artists, curators, filmmakers, and architects since 2011 for the Fresh Art International podcast.

The cultural context for our remote broadcast is Incerteza VivaLive Uncertainty. The title and theme of the 32nd biennial exhibition revolves around the political, social, and environmental uncertainties of contemporary life. Today’s show features participating artists Eduardo Navarro (Argentina); Ebony G. Patterson (Jamaica), and artist collective Opivivaro! (Brazil), as well as activists from the Aparelhamento movement, a group or artists protesting current politics in Brazil.

We hope you enjoy the show!

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Anawana Haloba on Vanishing Cultures

September 1st, 2016 · Comments

Anawana Haloba, an artist born in Zambia and based in Norway, talks about vanishing cultures in her project for the 32nd Sao Paulo Biennial. Her poetic sound installation titled Close-Up poses questions on the subject of globalization and the loss of cultural diversity. Recorded on Skype, this episode is the first in a new series we’re producing for Contemporary And, a platform for international art from African perspectives.

Sound Editor: Guney Oszan

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