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Entries from October 2012

Fresh Talk: Marcos Lutyens

October 29th, 2012 · Comments

In Kassel, Germany, Cathy Byrd joins documenta(13)artist Marcos Lutyens for a Hypnotic Session in the Reflection Room. Based in Los Angeles, the London-born intermedia artist works with other artists and curators to develop events and exhibits that reflect his research into the mind and the unconscious. Marcos collaborated with artist, curator and writer Raimundas Malašauskas and smell researcher and artist Sissel Tolass to create this Hypnotic Session.

Sound Editor: Leonardo Madriz

Photos: courtesy the artist, except where noted

Music: Bill Frisell, Richter 858-8

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Fresh Talk: Christian Philipp Mueller

October 22nd, 2012 · Comments

In Kassel, Germany, Cathy Byrd meets Swiss artist Christian Philipp Müller to talk about Swiss Chard Ferry, his project for documenta (13). Christian lives in Berlin and Kassel, where since 2011, he's been Dean at the School of Art and Design. He has a history with the international exhibition, having participated in documenta 10 (1997) and is known for his interest in connecting art with the cultural history of plants.

Sound Editor: Leonardo Madriz

Photos: Cathy Byrd and the artist, where noted

Music: Beach Boys, Vege-Tables, 1967

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Fresh Talk: Kate Moore

October 15th, 2012 · Comments

In the Netherlands, Cathy Byrd meets Australian musician and composer Kate Moore to talk about the new music Kate invents for international performances. Kate’s ensemble RPM Electro debuts at The Hague's Theater Dakota on 5 November 2012.

Sound Editor: Leonardo Madriz

Photos: Courtesy Kate Moore

Episode Sound: Kate Moore, Days and Nature, 2012, performed by Asko Schoenberg Ensemble and Engraved in Stone, 2012, performed by STRACC

Tags: · · Fresh Talk · sound art

Fresh Talk: Ballroom Marfa

October 8th, 2012 · Comments

On a Spring 2012 road trip in the American Southwest, Cathy Byrd meets members of Ballroom Marfa’s creative team. Director Fairfax Dorn, project manager Melissa McDonnell, and architect Michael Meredith talk about why Ballroom came to West Texas and what they envision for Marfa's near future Drive-In theater.

Sound Editor: Leo Madriz

Photography credits as noted

Episode Sound: Brian LeBarton, The Wind, 2010. New Year’s Film/Score Series. January 2, 2010. The Crowley Theater, Marfa.

Tags: · · · Fresh Talk · public art · video art

Fresh Talk: Jason Forrest

October 1st, 2012 · Comments

Cathy Byrd connects by Skype with Jason Forrest, aka DJ DonnaSummer, a laptop musician. Based in Berlin for the past eight of years with his wife Jennifer Ray Jason heads back to the U.S. this fall. Jason talks about how he became internationally known and introduces his new platform, Network Awesome.

Sound Editor: Leo Madriz

Photos courtesy the artist

Episode Sound appearing in this order: "New Religion" from The Everything, Jason Forrest; "Close to the Edge" from Close to the Edge, Yes;"The Exquisite Organs" from The Everything, Jason Forrest; "Bring that Beat Back" from Bring that Beat Back, Public Enemy; "Keys to the Door" from The Everything, Jason Forrest; "Utopia" from Utopia, Jason Forrest

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